Bicycle Diaries Siciliano


Buongiorno miei Amici !!!

Che c’è? Ti dirò cosa succede.

I have some interesting news for my friends, family, and followers, over the next few weeks to promote my award-winning book, Italianità: The Essence of Being Italian and Italian-American, I will be touring Italy. We will begin with a bike tour along the southern coast of Sicily, the home of my maternal ancestors, followed by a visit to the Amalfi coast, and concluding in the Eternal City, Rome.



I have a couple of stow-aways!

Along the way, I plan to rediscover much of the history and culture that we, Italian-Americans, have lost over the past few generations. Beyond the food, wine, and music, I hope to make a connection with the Italian people.

I have done this before, toured parts of Italy on a bike. It is, in my opinion, the best way to experience Italy. On a bike, I am able to travel along roads rarely frequented by buses that pollute the fragrant Italian air as they belch out exhaust or grind gears destroying the serenity of the countryside. I am able to visit with Italians who live peaceful lives in towns that have not been invaded by cruise ships, free of the distraction of tour guides who hold up umbrellas and selfie-sticks as they are followed by tourists who flock behind them like starlings converging on a field of wheat.

So this is an invitation for you to join me, well to virtually join me, on this journey of discovery. I will share with you my diary, my Bicycle Diary Siciliano, as I visit with the people of Italy. As I make this journey, I will be posting on Instagram (wm.giovinazzo) as well as on my blog and on my Facebook page, Italianità. I hope to make this more than simply my vacation pictures, although I do plan on sharing quite a few pictures. I want to make this into a true journey of discovery. I will, therefore, be sharing my thoughts and impressions as well as a good deal of information about the culture and history of the land of my forbears. I feel compelled to warn you, however, that I cannot guarantee my normal eloquence. Quite a bit of this will be my real-time thoughts often written along the road or over a drink or two in the evening prior to dinner.

So, come on along. It is going to be fun.


The boyz decided to help me pack.

For those of you who have not done so yet, don’t forget to order your copy of Italianità: The Essence of Being Italian and Italian-American. As we go along I will be making reference to the book and you don’t want to be left out. Right!!

Available on Barnes&Noble and Amazon in both Kindle and paperback.

Ciao Tutti!!


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