Italians, The First Latins!!


Several years back I was having dinner with a group of people. At one point during the meal, a woman at the table began to rant against Latins. The Latins this. The Latins that. All manner of shortcomings were ascribed to Latins. Clearing my throat, I noted that I was a Latin. “You’re not Latin! You’re Italian,” she snapped.

It would be an easy thing to brush this off as someone who was uninformed, but this kind of thinking seems to be relatively common. Even some Italian-Americans don’t understand that they are Latin! Generally, people seem to confuse Hispanic and Latin. While on the one hand, one may be tempted to write this off as simply how language evolves, it is more than just merely changing a definition. To redefine Latin, to separate Italians out, takes from Italians an important contribution of ours to civilization, it steals from us a significant aspect of our culture. Simply stated, it is wrong.

To understand this better, let’s have a bit of a review.

Latin began in Latium which is an area in west-central Italy. Latium initially was composed of the area around the Alban Hills, but eventually expanded south of the Tiber River to Mount Circeo. The original Latins lived in this area as far back as the first millennium BCE. As the centuries passed Etruscans occupied Latium and established Rome. As the Roman Empire’s dominance of the ancient world grew, so too did the dominance of their language, Latin.

There were basically two types of Latin; Classic and Vulgar. Classic Latin was the formal written language. It was the language of literature and official documents. Even after the collapse of Rome, it was used for this purpose throughout Europe. Dante and Petrarch, two of the fathers of Italian literature, wrote many of their works in Latin. During the middle ages, scholars would study Roman texts so that they could write official government documents. Since scholars based their writing on the same Roman texts, the formal written Latin did not evolve. It was static. They stuck to the rules that were defined by the Romans.

The Vulgar Latin, the spoken language, had a much different fate. We should make a point here about the word vulgar. Most frequently today people use the word vulgar to describe an explicit and offensive reference to sex or a bodily function. Another definition of the word is in reference to something which is common or lacking in sophistication. This second definition is the meaning of vulgar when we are speaking of Vulgar Latin; this is the language spoken by the common people, the majority of whom were illiterate. People did not follow strict rules when speaking. As a result, the pronunciation and definition of words evolved as well as grammar. We see this with every language, including English. Just consider how our own language evolves. This evolution is the very subject of this post!

After the collapse of Rome and the loss of a unifying authority, the way in which people spoke in the former areas of the empire evolved differently. Eventually, this usage developed into completely separate languages often referred to as the Romance Language. Romance referring to the Roman origin, not the kissy-pie, huggy-face, type of romance.

One side point, often you will hear people refer to what is spoken in the various regions of Italy as Italian dialects. Although this is the generally accepted terminology, it should be noted that it is not technically correct. A dialect is a particular form of a language that has evolved based on local usage. Contrast English spoken in the Southern United States with what is spoken in New York and London. Each of these languages is a dialect of English. The languages spoken in each of the regions of Italy did not evolve from a common Italian language. There was no common Italian language until the fourteenth century. What is referred to as an Italian dialect is actually a regional language. Each of these regional languages developed from the Vulgar Latin making them siblings of the various forms of Spanish and French.

Returning to our main point, the cultures whose core language is based on Latin, are Latin cultures, such as Spanish, French, and Italian. We can refer to individuals from these countries as Latin. Hispanic, however, refers to people and cultures that are derived from former parts of the Spanish Empire. They inherit their Latiness through Spain. Those Latins whose culture did not evolve from the Spanish Empire are not Hispanic. They are simply Latin. We can see therefore, all Hispanics are Latin, but not all Latins are Hispanic.

To further confuse things, you will hear the term Latino. This particular term is basically a shortened version of Latin American. Latin America is made of those parts of the Americas which were most influenced by the countries of the Iberian Peninsula. Latin America is comprised of places such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, and Peru.

Hispanics and Latin Americans would not be Latin if Italians were not the Latins first. When Romans, Italians, dominated the Iberian Peninsula their Latin culture establish a foundation from which Hispanic cultures evolved. While it is true that language evolves, as I noted above, to take Latin from Italians takes something from Italians. It robs us an essential attribute of our Italianità. At the core of our language, at the core of our literature, at the core of so many aspects of our culture is our Latin heritage. We need to recognize the Latin nature of Italian culture. We need to remember that Italians are the first Latins and continue to be Latin.

For more on Italian and Italian-American culture read Italianità: The Essence of Being Italian and Italian-American, available on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Italians, The First Latins!!

  1. So the French and Spanish would be the “first latins” as well based on your perspective. I respectfully disagree. Latin as its known from history, was a separate and different culture altogether. We may of grown out of said culture but we are not identical. Not to mention, Sicility and Corsica don’t even consider themselves Italians with the rest of our country due to their on-again, off-again ownership from France.


  2. SOUTH CENTRAL AMERICANS AND MEXICANS ARE AS FAR FROM LATIN/LATINO AS IT GETS. AND NO SELF RESPECTING CULTURALLY ROOTED TRUE LATIN MAN OR WOMAN WOULD OR WILL EVER REFER TO THESE PEOPLE WHOM ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A BYPRODUCT OF COLONIALISM AS LATIN/LATINO. BRAINWASHED CULTURAL APPROPRIATION WILL NEVER BE LATIN CULTURE. Latin America got its name ONLY to mean the part of the Americas conquered by LATIN EUROPE and Latin Europe was Latinized by ITALY. Latin America is Not Latin origin conquered native Americans/ supposedly  “mestizos” are Not Latin men and women Latin History can NOT be changed by delusional people who embrace how the USA misuses Latin identity. LATINOS AKA LATINS ARE US EXOTIC ROMAN DERIVED PEOPLE. Latin Culture History and Ethnicity is NOT interchangeable. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    Latin culture aka the Largest culturally appropriated Heritage of the century specifically in the USA and by those who foolishly and wrongfully embrace how Latin identity is MISUSED in places like the USA and Canada. Latin America is NOT Latin origin therefore these people are NOT Latino they’re conquered native Americans some pure some mixed which is mestizo NOT Latino . Latin America has absolutely NOTHING to do with the accomplishments of Latin culture and those who are born and raised in “Latin” America are very aware of that. In CULTURALLY ROOTED REAL LATIN CULTURE Latino is NOT and NEVER will be a term used to identify the native Americans /Mestizos/Blacks/Afro mixed Native Americans except of course other than in the culturally corrupt Genocidal delusional USA where Latin culture has lost all meaning EXCEPT for us EDUCATED CULTURALLY ROOTED Latin peoples of course such as an Exotic WOG ITALIANA as myself aka a TRUE LATINA. The only people who call themselves “Latino” from the Americas as In they are born and raised in south Central America/Mexico are cultural appropriators who take advantage of USA ignorance in how Latin identity is misused when dealing with IGNORANT North Americans because it’s become trending propaganda for these people to do so vs actual ethnicity which is what being Latin is. NO proud Educated latin man or woman would ever call people from the south Central America and Mexico Latin men and women Latino or Latina because their Ancestry is FACTUALLY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE. And the Only people who would do so are uneducated confused peoples this is mainly people from the USA such as this being labeled Latin when absolutely NOTHING Latin comes from “Latin” America NOR SPAIN👌🏽🇮🇹ALL things LATIN/LATINO FACTUALLY AND HISTORICALLY COME FROM ITALY. WHICH LATINIZED LATIN EUROPE AND LATIN EUROPE CONQUERED THE AMERICAS AND THAT IS ALL LATIN IN LATIN AMERICA MEANS. Latin History can NOT be rewritten by delusional peoples who Embrace how the USA MISUSES Latin identity👌🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹👌🏽Hence how Latina Italy got the name LATINA. Latin is NOT a Race THAT MEANING A GROUP OF PEOPLE DESPITE OF ETHNICITY AND DESPITE OF CULTURAL ORIGIN .Latin is Not a Trend and being Latin Is Not a theoretical “preferred choice” simply because you like how it sounds to be mistaken as Latin by uneducated Americans. The term Latino HISTORICALLY derives from the term Latini. The Latini was the very first Latin tribe to ever exist whom inhabited central ITALY. Latini is plural for Latino because the Latini tribe was many Latin people aka more than one hence The plural form Latini. Latini literally means more than one LATINO and Latino is Singular. Latin History , Latin Linguistics, and Latin Ethnicity are NOT interchangeable. And there are No “white Latins” as Us *WOG* Latin men Latino and Latin women Latina Are Exotic due to our Genetic mixture common upon Ethnic Mediterranean people, White Anglo saxon Europeans are NOT Latino as Latino is Not a group of people Despite of Ethnicity. Example Eoxitc Italian-Latini (again plural for Latino) are an Historic Ancient but prevalent mixture such as middle eastern/Arabic, Asian, African, indigenous Eastern European, and with other Indigenous Mediterranean contributors and we are all these things mixed together again Historic and this news is as old as dust if you’re EDUCATED. white Europeans can Not reproduce Exotic Latin Europeans as they are Obviously Not responsible for our Genetics and HENCE why they look Nothing like Us and Hence why whites have ZERO Latin Beauty. and the common terminology is Latin Blood in REAL Latin culture such as Italian culture. And A Hispanic is some one from Hispania which is Latin for SPAIN. One is NOT Hispanic unless you are of prominent Spanish ancestry! being a Byproduct of colonialism is Not being Latino NOR Hispanic .  Being Latin is NOT this delusional “preferred choice” simply because one likes the way it sounds to be referred to as “Latin” By UNEDUCATED Brainwashed USA people. Wrongfully and foolishly Calling yourself “Latino” and “Latina” does Not magically make you “Latin” .  BRAINWASHED CULTURALLY UNROOTED PEOPLE SUCH AS YOU DO NOT AND WILL NEVER speak for US CULTURALLY Rooted REAL Latino people such as US Exotic ITALIANS And us OTHER ROMAN DERIVED ***WOG*** LATINO EUROPEANS. Lol that’s funny. You are speaking from a North American Culturally appropriated Genocidal perspective because that’s what you’ve been brainwashed to be and it end there. You have No clue what us KEY WORDS *CULTURALLY ROOTED* REAL LATINOS Prefer as you have No ties Nor connection with us and OUR CULTURE. It’s not your fault BRAINWASHED Uneducated north Americans foolishly call people like you Latino Lol there is Not one single North American who can grant you other peoples cultural identity that thier ancestry is HISTORICALLY RESPONSIBLE for. Ignorant fools calling NATIVE Americans “Latino” who have ZERO SANGUE LATINO does Not magically change your ethnicity Nor will it ever grant you the right to misuse our identity that again our elders and ancestors are responsible for and passed down threw OUR VEINS HENCE why in CULTURALLY ROOTED LATIN CULTURE SUCH AS ITALIAN CULTURE WE COMMONLY SAY LATIN BLOOD AKA SANGUE LATINO SOMETHING YOUR PEOPLE WILL NEVER HAVE OUR CULTURE IS NOT A TREND SIMPLY BECAUSE THOSE LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO HATE YOUR ACTUAL CULTURE WHILE BEING BRAINWASHED TO APPROPRIATE OTHER PEOPLES IDENTITY. BEING LATINO IS ETHNICITY NOT A DELUSIONAL PREFERRED CHOICE, YOU DONT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR ETHNICITY. NORTH AMERICAN GENOCIDAL TRENDING PROPAGANDA DOES NOT REWRITE LATIN HISTORY AND US TRUE LATIN PEOPLE WHO TRULY BELONG TO IT. NORTH AMERICA DOES NOT DECIDE WHAT BEING LATINO IS AS NORTH AMERICA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE JUST LIKE SOUTH CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE AND NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE THAT.   Lol you OBVIOUSLY are not a real Italian as NO Culturally ROOTED italian/ Other Latino European would ever say LATINO is Not latin you could not have LATINO without latin and latin is Rome and LATIN EUROPE. NO TRUE CULTURALLY ROOTED ITALIAN/LATINO EUROPEAN WOULD EVER DENY AND DISREGARD OUR LATINITY/LATINITAS. THAT IS US EXOTIC PROUD WOGS KEY WORD *WOG* ITALIANS WHICH EXCLUDES MOST NORTHERN ITALIANS/EUROPEANS WHOM ARE MOSTLY WHITE AND HAVE ZERO SANGUE LATINO AKA LATIN BLOOD AS IT IS THE WHITE EUROPEANS WHO GAVE US THE RACIAL SLURS LIKE WOGS THAT WE NOW PROUDLY EMBRACE.✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 WHY WOULD WE WANT WRINKLE PRONE SKIN AND SQUARE HIPS AND FLAT CHEST LIKE WHITE WOMEN AND LIKE THE NON LATINA NATIVE AMERICANS AND MESTIZOS OF SOUTH CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO?! LOL WE WOULD NOT. US ROOTED ITALIANS/LATINO EUROPEANS DONT REFER TO OURSELVES AS LATIN BLOOD SANGUE LATINO, LATIN LOVERS AMANTE LATINO,  AND LATIN TEMPER TEMPERAMENTO LATINO FOR JUST NO REASON AT ALL AS ALL THOSE COMMONLY USED TERMS WHERE INVENTED BY US FOR US! WE ARE PROUD TO BE TRUE LATINO PEOPLE HENCE WHY WHEN YOU GO TO ITALY/LATIN EUROPE ACTUALLY JUST EUROPE AS A WHOLE NOT JUST ONE SUBDIVISION YOU WILL SEE THE LATINO BRAND EVERYWHERE SPECIFICALLY IN REFRENCE TO ITALY AND WOG LATINO ITALIANS. RESTRUANTS NAMED LATINO, HISTORIC ITALIANS ARE NAMED LATINO SUCH AS THE MAN LATINO LATINI AND MANY MORE THE FAMOUS ITALOS NAMED LITERALLY LATINO. FAMOUS RACING BOAT NAMED MASCALZONE LATINO AKA LATIN SCOUNDREL, FAMOUS ITALIAN MUSICIAN PINO DANIEL WITH HIS ALBUM MASCALZONE LATINO Restaurants are NAMED MASCALZONE LATINO IN ITALY which is a common term amongst ROOTED EXOTIC ITALIANS. THERE ARE CAFE LATINO IN ITALY there is a TURSIS LATIN KING ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN THE USA ,RUDOLPH VALENTINO HOLLYWOODS ORIGINAL TRUE LATIN LOVER AKA AMANTE LATINO. I CAN GO ON AS MY PEOPLES CULTURE IS NOT AND OPINION IT IS HISTORIC AND IT IS WHAT WE PREFER AS I SPEAK FOR THE REAL *CULTURALLY ROOTED* LATINO/A COMMUNITY. AND ETHNICITY DOES NOT JUST GO AWAY DUE TO IMMIGRATION WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE OUR ETHNICITY AND WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE HISTORY THAT GOES WITH IT. AND AS US EDUCATED CULTURALLY ROOTED PROUD LATIN MEN LATINO AND LATIN WOMEN LATINA SAY THE ONLY PEOPLE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO REFER TO PEOPLE OF NON LATIN ORIGIN SUCH AS NATIVE AMERICANS, MESTIZOS, AND PEOPLE OF BLACK DESCENT AS “LATINO” ARE BRAINWASHED UNEDUCATED IGNORANT NORTH AMERICANS AND IT ENDS THERE. WHILE IN REAL LATINO CULTURE FOR US CULTURALLY AWOKEN LATIN PEOPLE YOURE NOTHING MORE THAN THE MOCKERY AND APPROPRIATION AND THE ATTEMPTS OF GENOCIDE THAT SURROUNDS US LATIN PEOPLES CULTURE IN NORTH AMERICA AND IT ENDS THERE. “LatinX” is a Form of appropriation, a made up Non existant term that will NEVER be of latin origin and it will NEVER be a term used by CULTURALLY AWOKEN Latin men and women as it is one of the many things is this country that mocks our heritage and that is ALL “LatinX” will EVER mean. AND FOR ALL YOU WANNABE LATINS YOU ARE 2,000 YEARS TOO LATE IN REGARDS TO BEING A PART OF LATINO IDENTITY AND ETHNICITY AS LATIN HERITAGE HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE 75BC VIA ROME ITALY/LATIN EUROPE.


    • Briana Cibelli, I can appreciate your passion, but it was about being Latin. Specifically, “Are Italians Latin”, the author’s focus was of origins and Italy. Also the author barely mentions the America’s as this has little to do with, are Italian’s Latin? Having lived in Italy, I have noticed they are very aware on their Latin heritage and identify with being Latin. France, Spain, Portugal and Italy were Latin before they (discovered for themselves) the America’s.


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