Italianità: The Essence of Being Italian and Italian-American

Italianita (2)

Whether we hail from Napoli or New York, Bari or Boston, Poughkeepsie or Palermo, there is a special quality that binds us – Italiani nel Mondo – together. That element that unites us, making us all one people regardless of where we are on the planet is Italianità, the essence of being Italian.

The challenge, however, is to define exactly what that means – what makes us all part of one global family. Italy itself is a diverse nation where each region and village has its own way of speaking, eating, and, in general, living. When you add into that mix the diversity of Italian-Americans, the question becomes even more complex. Hell, in the states we can’t even agree on whether we call it sauce or gravy!

In my book, I explore the culture and history of Italians and Italian-Americans. We travel from when the Greeks first colonized Italy, to the influx of Italian immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries, to John Travolta strutting his stuff in a New York disco.

In all this, I have woven a story of the Italian people both in Italy and the United States that is both informative and entertaining, discussing the hallmarks of our culture; the food, the language, religion, family, and – of course – the Mafia. Ultimately, we discover why that multifaceted entity – Italianità – makes Italian and Italian-American societies the wonderful, life-affirming, vibrant cultures they are.

Dianne Hales (whose own works La Bella Lingua and the forthcoming La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World are icons of Italian-American literature) said of this book “In this love letter to his heritage, William Giovinazzo explores the essence of “being Italian.” Describing Italianita as a flowing river, he leads readers along its many branches – history, tradition, religion, culture – and delves deeply into the many facets of the Italo-American experience. Written from the heart, with passion as well as erudition, Italianita should be required reading for every Italian-American as well as for all who strive to live with Italians’ joyful sense of abundance and appreciation. Bravo!”

Please go to the link below and order your copy today

Grazie, Mie Amiche

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